you need
  • - red grass roots;
  • - St. John's wort;
  • - vitamins for men.
should visit a urologist.This will help to identify the male disease in a stage of their occurrence, and thus the cure will be much easier.Men over age 40 should go to hospital for examination several times a year, and young people can confine annual inspection.
If you suddenly noticed that the erection was gone as soon as possible go to the hospital.This may be due to inflammation or due to prostatitis, which itself does not show earlier.The doctor will prescribe a medication that as soon as possible will help you regain strength male .Do not hesitate to go to the hospital, because the self can not produce results.
Buy grass "Red Root".It is sold in various forms of release, it can be in the form of
tea bags or tablets.Take as directed on the package, and a long duration of treatment is about 1-2 months.Since this is a natural product, it should not cause side effects, but still allergic reaction has not been canceled.
Brew 1 tablespoon St. John's wort in a glass of water.Drink a full glass of broth during the day in small sips.Take St. John's wort is not less than 15 days, otherwise the effect will not be.
Purchase a vitamin complex, which is designed specifically for men.It has all the necessary elements that lead to balance hormones.Gradually, the erection will improve, and will occur at the right time, and you pass a feeling of insecurity.
Keep a regular sex life, even if weak erection.The only way you can build it.Do not worry about this, because the woman who lived with you for years, understand and contribute to your recovery.