on the advice of knowledgeable people

Star smokers all over the world made famous by her deliverer named Allen Carr and his work dedicated to the easy method of controlling harmful habit.Wide response and the presence of thirty-time cigarette in the past of the Carr inspire confidence, and the numbers have recovered 25 million people - a decent figure.

However, its effective ways to quit smoking and develop our people.Biophysicist Mammadov is virtually charity offering smokers absolutely free courses in distance format.The course is based on the psychological training, helping to realize the truth, often hidden motives smoking.

expressive Professor Zhdanov is known for its intolerance of all kinds of relationships as well as the theory of sobriety, which, together with the
procedure to get rid of bad habits presents in his lectures.All materials are available online.

more subtle and sophisticated options available based psychotechnics suggestion and neurolinguistic programming, it offers Shichko.His treatment is relatively short - only 10 days, and the efficiency is measured by a 30-thousands now free from smoking people.

its technology offers and Dr. Sokolov.It is somewhat similar to the program Shichko, but has a nice additions in the form of musical components and distribute paper versions of lectures.

based on nicotine replacement

skeptics and people with a strong will are more interested in what are the ways to quit smoking without psychological techniques.Therapy based on nicotine replacement less harmful substances, with a gradual reduction of the dose consumed, seems quite logical.This approach is much safer to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked, as there are assumed to be a substance with a different effect, sufficient to create addiction.Nicotine Replacement drugs are produced in the form of chewing gum, lozenges, patches and inhalers.

Chewing gum is available and can be purchased without a prescription, but the unpleasant taste and is contraindicated for people with diseases of the stomach.These drawbacks have no candy, but we should be alert to the emergence of hiccups and nausea.Active action begins 30 minutes after resorption.

Inhalers sold only on prescription.Representing a mouthpiece with a replaceable nicotine capsule, they resemble in appearance a normal cigarette, though the dose of nicotine with each inhalation is reduced.After application of the inhaler there is a risk of irritation of the oral cavity.A more advanced design with a similar principle of action has the electronic cigarette.

nicotine patch is the most effective and convenient option.It can be attached to the wrist, hip or shoulder, but may cause discomfort at the site of bonding adhesive, as well as headaches and minor stomach disorders.

With tablets

If you list all the ways of quitting smoking, you can not ignore the homeopathic remedies and dietary supplements.Tablets is not a medicine, suitable for those who do not need extra motivation for leaving a bad habit, but it takes care of the restoration of damage caused to the body.

effectiveness of unconventional methods is an open question, although interest in this alternative has never subsided.Acupuncture is based on the weakening of the smoking reflex, breathing exercises focused on the recovery, and hypnosis affects the brain.