Contact Cancer cent or to the district hospital and go through inspection and examination by a doctor oncologist.After determining the size of the tumor, as well as its type, you will be treated.Usually carried out an operation to remove the tumors, a course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.With the right approach to the treatment of cancer can be completely overcome.Follow all recommendations of the expert and eat well - this is very important.
Take a decoction of burdock roots.Crush raw materials and place it in a container.Pour the boiling water and let stand for about an hour (3 tablespoons of the roots of 500 ml of water).Take a decoction of 50-100 g 4 times a day.If you do not want to have to brew a mug, make alcohol tincture.Add 100 g of roots 500 ml of vodka and leave for 2 weeks.Ta
ke 30 drops 40 minutes before the meal.Burdock promotes the resorption of tumors, which has a positive effect on the treatment of cancer.
Broth celandine is also able to beat cancer.Brew 2 tablespoons of grass a glass of boiled water, about 30 minutes.Take 2 tablespoons of the first days, then increase the dose by half.Starting treatment with large doses at once is impossible, as celandine - a toxic plant that can cause not only poisoning and allergies.
undergo periodic examination, it is important, even if the cancer is completely retreated.In the first six months after recovery recurrence often enough, so do not be lazy to go to the hospital.