you need
  • - antibiotics, expectorant drugs, multivitamins, probiotics;
  • - syringes, drip;
  • - sterile wipes, gauze;
  • - sets of underwear and bed linen;
  • - container for sputum;
  • - Thermometer;
  • - drink plenty of liquids;
  • - light, non-greasy food
pneumonia usually breaks out suddenly and violently manifests itself very aggressively.While it often proceeds sluggishly, without causing neither high temperature nor vomiting or fever.But this should not reassure - bed rest is still needed.Pneumonia as the flu, is dangerous to ca
rry on their feet.
If sick little child, it should be laid on its side - in case he did not choke on vomit.Infants can not be swaddled chest.When the acute stage has passed, it must be more likely to shift from side to side, to keep on hand upright.
If the patient gasps, put it higher, to the thorax was lifted.Be sure to provide the inflow of fresh air into the room.Just can not hold a draft!
Generally, ventilate the room, often do wet cleaning.If it's warm, let him constantly window will open, and in the winter - ventilator.To unnecessarily cooled room, the window to pull the gauze.
pneumonia patients in the early days is usually strongly sweats.It is time to change his underwear and bedding.Skin, nose and mouth as needed hygienic care.Shower can not be taken, it should be done wet wiping.
When pneumonia patient should drink plenty of fluids.If there are no problems with the heart, we can produce up to one and a half to two liters of warm drinks.It is advisable to diversify their alternating weak tea with wild rose extract, boiled water, acidified with lemon juice, mineral water without gas, fruit compote.
In the early days of the disease the patient should be given only dishes that are easily digested.This strained chicken broth and low-fat boiled meat and mashed vegetables.In the future, the food can be more tightly.Do not give fatty foods, especially pork dishes, goose, duck, and cakes - sweets increase inflammation.
When pneumonia is assigned a complex treatment.First of all, it is an injection of antibiotics in strict compliance with the intervals between them.Mandatory reception expectorant drugs.Sputum should be collected regularly in a hermetically sealable container.In addition, multivitamins are appointed, and after a course of antibiotics - drugs, restores useful intestinal microflora.
feverish condition may persist for up to four days.Bed rest is required during the period of severe intoxication.But when her symptoms go away, it's time to move on polupostelny mode, more and sit and walk.
And as soon as the body temperature returns to normal, you can begin to massage the chest and exercises therapeutic exercises.They activate blood circulation, prevent the formation of adhesions, strengthen the heart muscle, helps to quickly regain lost strength.
For young children, the methods of therapeutic exercises with game elements based on fairy tales.Breathing exercises are invited to perform, imitating the sound of gurgling porridge, bursting balls, etc.
Already in the acute stage of pneumonia prescribe a course of physiotherapy treatments: first treatment of ultra-high frequency, then electrophoresis.They accelerate the process of resorption foci of inflammation in the lungs.With stable normal temperatures prescribed sessions diathermy, amplipulse therapy, treatment with an alternating magnetic field.