Call the emergency assistance .
put the patient on the bed or sofa, restrict its mobility, lift the head.
Give the patient nitroglycerin (pill to put under the tongue), then aspirin, which he must be chewed and not swallowed.A little later, the patient should take the pill or analgin baralgina, Corvalol or valokordin (60 drops).On the chest near the heart can put yellow card, attach the water bottle to the feet, try to warm cold hands, rubbing them.If necessary, repeat nitroglycerin.
If a person does not respond to external stimuli, it is necessary to prepare everything for the basic resuscitation - to restore breathing and pulse.Place the patient on a hard and flat surface, let down his head back.If the throat and oral cavity
accumulated vomit, they should be removed with a swab or improvised by tilting the patient's head to the side.Dentures should be removed.
Check if there are any spontaneous breathing.Organize mechanical ventilation - put the man under the shoulders of the roller clothing or towels, ensuring maximum opening of the airway.Hold the head in his hands, pull out the lower jaw forward, take a deep breath and vduyte air into his lungs, pressed his lips as tightly as possible to the mouth of the patient.Nose It should pinch your fingers.The patient's face before the injection can be covered with a handkerchief or a piece of fine matter, for hygienic purposes.Then, the procedure should be repeated.
parallel, do chest compressions.Put his hands on one another, push hands to the midline of the patient and slide the chest toward the spine by five centimeters - use your body weight rather than arm strength.The duration of pressing must be equal to the period of rest, that is, the movement should be rhythmic.Alternate movements 15 compressions and two blowing air into the patient's lungs.
Watch the effectiveness of their actions - covers should turn pink, will pulse and respiration, pupils will react to light.All these activities should continue until the arrival of doctors.