The main causes numbness

primarily a neurologist prescribe examination of the cervical spine, because it is in this area begin to form in the pathology department consisting of vessels and roots.In other words, in the cervical region gradually formed bony growths that trigger numbness in the fingers of his right hand.

If the patient from time to time an overvoltage occurs the muscle fibers neck area, the spasms occur in the body nerve endings.This may be due to incorrect position of the neck at the workplace or awkward posture during sleep.

Another cause numbness of the fingers may be a pathology of vascular permeability.The purely physiologically, this means that t
he vertebral arteries are squeezed hernia or clogged due to the formation of plaques in the vascular wall.This poor circulation can be a signal of impending stroke, especially if the numb right hand thumb.

When sudden onset of numbness cases, it is recommended to stabilize the mental state, as is often the temper tantrums and emotional distress can lead to such consequences.

treatment of numbness of fingers of the right hand

patients with problems of the nervous system is usually assigned X-ray examination, and the pictures are from different sides to better view the area of ‚Äč‚Äčcompression of blood vessels and nerve endings.Then comes the turn of Doppler ultrasound of the arteries, which helps determine the degree of vascular permeability, and angiography.The latter procedure contributes to the depth of research vessels of the brain.At the final stage, if necessary, to scan the spine echoencephalography and electroencephalography.

examine the results of the diagnosis, the expert shall appoint an individual course of treatment, which aims to eliminate compression of the arteries.It comprises administering drugs that promote the removal of the inflammatory edema, spasm and pain elimination.Affected areas, in addition, must receive support in the form of vitamins and chondroprotectors.Positive influence exercises and manual therapy.Physical therapy consisting of lazerolecheniya and magnetic therapy, gentle on the problem areas.

Among the effective methods of alternative medicine should be noted acupuncture, hirudotherapy and vacuum manipulation.