What is a mole?

According to doctors, moles - a pigmented nevi.The fact that among human cells there are those which produce a specific pigment - melanin.It depends on the color of human skin.The name of such cells - melanocytes.

birthmark - a cluster of the most melanocytes.Color and convexity birthmarks depends on how deep nevus cells are deposited in the dermal layer of the man.

«harmless» and dangerous moles

«quiet" moles are those corresponding to the texture pattern of the skin, with a uniform color.Sometimes, through the "harmless" moles can grow hair.All this - the signs of the lack of certain anom

should worry if a mole suddenly appear in adulthood.We must turn our attention to the changes in the existing nevi spots: they may begin to grow, change its color, texture, etc.In this case, consult a specialist.

it possible to remove moles?

In principle, if the motives for execution birthmarks - aesthetic, the modern medicine today has several very effective methods to remove them.But do not hurry.The fact that any operation to remove the mole must be accompanied by advice from dermatologists or dermoonkologov.

Diagnostics nevus cells is necessary not only to eliminate the potential oncology, but also for the choice of method for removing moles.The fact is that for the execution of some of moles is quite suitable instantaneous cutting using high frequency current, and to remove other - surgical scalpel.

In special cases, specialists use laser or liquid nitrogen.It should be noted that freezing moles has its contraindications.That is why before you go to such drastic measures, must carefully consult the experts.

«without protocol»

If you say "off the record" that deal with removing moles for aesthetic purposes in any case it is not necessary!It should be noted that it is not necessary to squeeze them yourself and try to twist or burn.Traditional healers on this occasion, too, do not need to apply.Their execution can talk only when there is a real risk of cancer, but to know it - you need to see a doctor.

Consult your doctor is required in the event that a mole begin to worry for one reason or another.We must remember that only a trained technician can quite objectively evaluate and diagnose the situation with the birthmark, advising the best way to solve it.