stomach increases in size - the most obvious indicator of pregnancy.You may think that it grows only because of the gradual development of a child in it.However, not all so simple.The stomach becomes more rounded, not only because of the development of the fetus, but also due to the fact that the increased size of the uterus, as well as increasing the volume of amniotic fluid.

Fetal development

At the beginning of pregnancy, the fetus develops slowly, so in the first trimester belly virtually invisible.Fruit growing unevenly, for example, by the end of the fourth month of its weight is 100 grams, and the length is only 12 cm. By the end of the sixth month of the unborn child is already weighs 600 gra
ms, and its length is about 30 cm.

A couple of weeks before thethe light weight of the child should be about 2.5 kg and height - 45 cm. Before the birth weight of a full-term baby should be from 2.5 to 5 kilograms and height - from 48 to 54 centimeters.

As the uterus increases

uterus also increases throughout the pregnancy.Prior to conceiving a child her weight will be from 50 to 100 g, and at the end of the eighth week of uterine weight increase is approximately three times.Thus, it will weigh about one kilogram a few days before giving birth.

amniotic fluid

increase in amniotic fluid occurs with very different speeds.For example, in the third month of pregnancy, the amount of water is about 30 milliliters, in the fifth month - 400 milliliters.The maximum amount of amniotic fluid can be up to 37-38 weeks, and the normal value may be 1000-15000 milliliters.In the last days of pregnancy the amniotic fluid volume may be slightly reduced.

rate of increase in the size of the fetus and the uterus must substantially conform to the written above parameters, as they are important indicators of the normal development of the pregnancy.

Form belly

an important role in the final stages of pregnancy plays a shape of the abdomen.If pregnancy is good, and the fruit is positioned correctly, the shape of the abdomen of a woman to be an egg.If there are some deviations from the norm, the shape of the abdomen will be different.For example, when polyhydramnios stomach takes the form of a ball, and the transverse arrangement of the fetus - the oval shape of the cross.

Belly of expectant mother to others becomes noticeable only in the fourth month, the fetus begins to grow but much earlier.It is therefore necessary from the first days of pregnancy carefully and take good care of themselves and their health.