Symptoms of mercury poisoning

Mercury vapors enter the body through his lungs and skin.A moment - and heavy metals begin their devastating effect on the entire body.Appear and related symptoms of mercury poisoning include headache, weakness, bleeding and swelling of the gums, and excessive salivation.Sometimes the temperature of the human body, inhaled mercury vapor may rapidly rise to 40 ° C, accompanied by chills, shortness of breath and cough.

should be noted that the above symptoms of mercury poisoning are more apparent at the time when the concentration of toxic substances increases.For example, if the first person is not too worried about a severe headache and lethargy was inherent in many diseases catarrhal nature, then after some time he will feel all the "charm" of the poisoning.

Good to know!

Once people felt the something similar to intoxication by poisonous vapors, it is urgently necessary to seek medical attention for the qualified help.Each of these symptoms, taken separately, will likely not indicate mercury poisoning.However they all should alert the doctor.In no case can not exclude such a scenario!

analysis of blood taken from a vein of the victim, show a decrease in hemoglobin level and red blood cells.Unfortunately, this is bad for pregnant women because of mercury poisoning can harm their fetuses.

clinical picture in mercury vapor poisoning

If pairs of heavy metal intoxication is chronic, it primarily affects the human nervous system damage.The first stage of poisoning characterized by neurological disorders: irritability, insomnia or, alternatively, nightmares.

are diagnosed at this stage possible manifestations of excessive sweating, tachycardia.It may increase the thyroid gland.If you do not take timely measures, the intoxication will move into its next stage - psychoorganic.

psychoorganic stage mercury vapor poisoning is characterized by trembling fingers and toes, and then the whole body.Often, a person disturbed coordination of movements, and oral speech becomes unintelligible.These symptoms - a very serious reason for the call "ambulance cars".Before the arrival of the doctors of the victim must be otpaivat milk, then artificially induce the gag reflex.