can or can not?

Young mothers are often afraid that when applying the paint gets on the skin, harmful substances, its member, will get into the blood, and then - in the breast milk and cause a child's allergic reaction.In fact, the probability of hitting paint components into the bloodstream through the skin is very small.It is much more harmful to inhale volatile chemicals released during painting - ammonia and other compounds can cause an allergy, an adverse effect on health.

Refuse hair coloring during breastfeeding however should not be - regardless of whether the procedure is carried out at home or in a beauty salon, the
duration of it is not so great to have a significant impact on maternal and child health.Tint roots, Highlighted Hair coloring or make once a month can be without fear. Definitely hurt and most mom and baby, whom she feeds, frequent staining resistant paints, long stay in the barber shop, where the concentration of fumes is high.

statement that hair coloring in nursing often surprises in the form of an unusual color or does not give the desired effect, not without reason.Due to hormonal fluctuations can change the amount of pigment, and a new color can turn out less bright, or, on the contrary, more intense than expected.

Terms staining for nursing mothers

If you decide to dye your hair in the salon, try to make an early morning to be the first visitor to - so in the cabin air has not accumulate harmful fumes.If you spend painting at home, try to keep the room was well aired both during the procedure and after it.A child at this time is best to remove from the premises - let him take a walk with someone from relatives. After the procedure does not go straight home, and a little walk in the fresh air.

Nursing mothers often recommend to dye your hair using natural plant-based funds - henna or Basma.It is less harmful to health than the use of chemical dyes, but herbal remedies can also cause allergies, so, as with the use of chemical agents, allergy test before coloring henna or basma required.

Even if you have used the selected paint before - make a standard skin test for allergies.Hormonal changes that occur in women during lactation, could provoke an inappropriate response to the usual material.

Nursing, as well as pregnant women, it is recommended to use soft bezammiachnoy paint.If you do not plan to repaint the hair drastically, choose a painting balm - such means cause minimal damage to the hair, do not emit harmful substances into the air during application, easy to rinse.