In Russia, the term "animal-assisted therapy" is replaced by a familiar word "zootherapy."There are directional and non-directional zootherapy.Directional animal-assisted therapy includes the whole therapeutic program using a specially-trained animals.Omnidirectional zootherapy - it is easy communication of man with animals at home.

principles of animal-assisted therapy: do no harm neither the patient nor the animal and get the maximum positive effect.Relaxing popular methods of communication are considered ther

apy with horses ( hippotherapy ) and dolphins ( dolphin ).

uniqueness hippotherapy that horse back muscles while walking commit more than 100 vibrating and oscillating movements, sending motor impulses to muscles of the rider.Thus, the rider increased blood flow in the pelvic organs, formed the coordination and posture.In patients with cerebral palsy, for example, ippoterapiya involves the muscles that are passive in everyday life.

Hippotherapy recommended as the rehabilitation of patients with brain injuries, cerebral palsy, circulatory disorders, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy.According to numerous studies, after the first month of continuous horseback riding in patients with marked decrease in mental stress, improve motor reflexes and common power parameters, stabilizes blood pressure.

feature dolphin - the reach of human hearing ultrasonic waves that dolphins use to communicate with the outside world.Studies show that already in the first seconds of swimming with dolphins in humans is enhanced bioelectric activity of the brain and the development of "happiness hormone".

Dolphin therapy is indicated for early childhood autism, Down syndrome, mental retardation, expressed violations of the central nervous system, and various neuroses.

However, it is worth noting that dolphin therapy is an expensive pleasure.In addition, not all cities have dolphins.Therefore, people resort to more affordable methods: Canistherapy (from Eng. canis - dog) and felinoterapii (from Eng. felis - cat).

Rehabilitation of children with psycho-neurological disorders using to communicate with the dogs got its spread both medical cynology .Depending on the diagnosis instructors pick up a special program of exercises: speech, physical, etc.Sincere dedication and boundless caress dog helps sick children to overcome social exclusion.


And cats themselves do not require specialized teams and training.According to studies, cat's purr (as well as the dolphin sonar) has the unique ability to give a person a feeling of comfort and security.

Socializing with cats strengthens the immune and nervous systems.Stroking a cat, for example, eliminates the tension and fatigue.Many people say that cats do come to a man and go to the affected area and the pain soon subsided.

No wonder some scientists compared the thermal radiation of the cat with the therapeutic effect of electromagnetic devices.But is it possible to compare living warmth tender lump of wool with some there emotionless appliance?Love and take care of your pets and they someday save your life.