you need
  • - antifungal solutions;
  • - antibiotics;
  • - alkaline solutions;
  • - solution of potassium permanganate;
  • - calendula flowers, sage, eucalyptus leaves;
  • - honey and the juice of turnips.
During the day, the child's oral cavity irrigated with alkaline solutions (an aqueous solution of baking soda), antiseptic (borax in glycerine), astringent agents (2% methylene blue solution, 2%solution of methylene violet, or 2% solution of Gentian violet).Irrigation make 6-7 times a day - drugs wash bacteria and purified mucosa.

Clean mouth antifungal solutions.Wet a cotton swab in the solution antifungal (nystatin drops, solution "Candide") and process all the child's mouth to wipe the movement.This procedu
re should be carried out 2 or 3 times a day, after meals, after removing the leftovers from the walls of the mucosa (have the child drink water).
Walk course of antibacterial therapy.If for thrush or severe rash began to appear on the body, it shows the use of antibiotics.The pediatrician prescribe an antifungal medication in the correct dosage and duration of treatment will install.
Use the methods of traditional medicine.Effective regularly rinsing the mouth light solution of potassium permanganate, but it is necessary to comply with one condition - the child should already be able to rinse your mouth, because the reception is the solution inside is dangerous for small children.
Prepare herbal decoction - calendula flowers, sage, eucalyptus leaves have disinfectant properties, so you can alternate the broths of these herbs in a day.Herbal infusions can lubricate the mucous membranes of the mouth or rinse the cavity.
Squeeze boiled turnip juice, mix it with a little honey and grease the affected areas during the day.
Often the cause of yeast infection in children is the presence of the disease in the mother - in this case the treatment will be double.Mom must comply with the rules of hygiene and to wash the breast before and after each feeding, the nipple can be lubricated with the same solutions as the baby's mouth.
Avoid drying saliva in her mouth at the kid.Check the condition of the oral cavity and in the case of dry sheets consult your doctor - this may be a symptom of the disease, as well as difficult for thrush.