Running - one of the most accessible sports.Especially runners often can be found in the spring and early summer, when people take for adjustment of the figure before the beach season.However, many athletes jogging, periodically through the pain in his legs.Most often it manifests itself during the first training and in adulthood.

leg muscles while running may be ill for various reasons.This may be related to the physiology, improper running technique, as well as the illiterate approach to the training process.

Wrong approach to the training process

bad workout.Before the procedure, you must be sure to run to warm up, making emphasis on his knees and ankle.It is these parts of the body receive the greatest load.You can make a circular motion of the foot and k
nee, light squats.This will help to prepare the joints for a long load.Also, do not forget about the calf and thigh muscles, which need heating.You can resort to stretching or light gymnastic exercises.

dramatic pace since the beginning of the workout.Do not immediately run fast.Even a good workout does not allow the body to rapidly join the rhythm.It is necessary to "go" in the running gradually, otherwise the leg muscles become clogged and start to hurt the next day.

Excessive load.For runners, did not practice at least a couple of weeks, there is a risk of overtraining.This applies to the newcomers.After a long and severe stress start to hurt not only the muscles of the legs, and back, neck, and even shoulders.

bad hitch.The hitch is important to exercise no less warm.It allows the body to remove the lactic acid to make it faster to join in the recovery process.Stretching and hanging on the bar are perfect as a hitch.If not to cool down, even an experienced runner in danger the next day wake up with pain in the legs.

physiological characteristics of the organism, and other factors

Curvature of the spine.When the load on the spine curvature is given uneven legs.From this suffering as the left and right foot, as the muscles get too irregular load.For example, a calf can receive a double burden, while the back of the thigh is the "rest".

improper running technique, stiffness.When the "wrong" race, muscle stiffness person receives increasing pressure on the legs.This leads to the sensation of pain the next day.

injury.This is the most serious signal that during exercise there are drawbacks.Injuries occur from fatigue, because of poor warm-up, with excessive stress, a lack of muscle power.

incorrectly matched shoes.Most runners do not pay attention to the shoes, which are running, but in vain.From the quality depends on the softness setting stop and uniform load distribution.There are times when too much laced shoes in the women's six kilometer causes severe pain in the calf and foot.

pain in the legs can signal that the competitor is not doing something right.It is important to properly and carefully like a training process - to warm up and cool down, do not generate load properly set stop and pick up shoes, not clamped during the run and give the rest to the body.Then run will not cause any inconvenience, and will be a real helper in the person's life.