thinking about removing the lower edges for the waist, should take into account that this operation is only shown to those women whose shape does not allow the other available methods to achieve the desired standards of beauty, and only in cases where such a physiological feature does cause mental suffering,and changes in the figures will improve patient socialization and allow it to live an active life.Of course, in private clinics after the necessary surveys surgery to remove the ribs hold any desired, but before that will introduce the consequences, most women heard about the possible complications, refuse surgery.

operation itself does not make the waist narrower, it changes only the visual perception of shape by le
ngthening the waist.Scars are inevitable even if superimposed cosmetic seams necessarily have to go back to the doctor to make the scars less visible.

Why a 12th pair of ribs

Lower twelfth pair of edges protects the internal organs from shock and damage after removing the kidney, liver and spleen are defenseless.If a woman leads an active lifestyle, engage in extreme sports, then this operation is contraindicated.I do not recommend it and the nulliparous women who are planning to become a mother in the future.Bear a child without the twelfth pairs of ribs is much more difficult.

complications after resection of the lower pair of edges

accidental injury, accident usual even fall on a slippery track can be fatal for those who have no lower pair of ribs.Internal organs lose their only defense, but because even a minor blow power often leads to hemorrhage or detachment of the body.

In his youth, postoperative complications almost never appear, but as the aging ribs absence makes itself felt.Almost all patients who underwent resection of the ribs, there nephroptosis is the omission of the kidneys.Teething problems with the urinary system, up to chronic pyelonephritis and glomerulonephritis, which reduces the life of 5-10 years.
lower pair of edges involved in breathing, after the removal of fins may be the pathology of the respiratory system: bronchitis, disorders of ventilation, emphysema.

Some patients experience phantom pain that is sore ribs, which no longer exists.This usually happens when the weather changes, people have meteodependent probability of occurrence of phantom pain above.Patients with obesity, high body weight is not recommended to remove the lower pair of edges, since this will not improve the figure, but only increase the load on the spine.