useful walnut

Walnut experts recommend no accident lactating women.Firstly, it is one of the foods richest in vitamin C content in walnuts far exceeds the amount in citrus and even black currants.In addition, it contains potassium, has the ability to expel the body of excess sodium, and magnesium, beneficial effect on the condition of the heart muscle and blood vessels.

Walnuts improve immunity, help rid the body of toxins, struggling with depressed mood, improve mood and enhance memory.Pros nuts breastfeeding in the fact that the consumption of only a few cores, greatly affects the quality of the milk.And many women find that on lactation, i.e. on the amount of
milk produced by the mammary gland. With regular eating walnuts hinder the development of mastitis.

milk, flavored with nuts, fatter and tastier.Eating such food, the newborn is enriched with all the necessary micro and macro elements and nutrients. most useful walnuts in raw form, and when roasted they lose a significant part of its properties.

Women who consume 1-2 kernels, milk becomes much fatter and thicker.However, overreliance nut diet can be fraught with indigestion and colic in the newborn.It should also be remembered that the nuts are on the list of allergenic foods, so you can not abuse them, especially in the early stages of feeding.It is best to include them in the diet gradually, thus it is necessary to monitor the state of the baby and his skin. When any redness and irritation on the skin of the baby temporarily stop eating nuts and once again assess the situation.

diet of lactating mothers

Menu nursing mother should be a full and varied.It must be present soups, fish, meat, grains, cereals, vegetables and fruits.The diet should be done a variety of mother to child can get acquainted with the diversity of taste.You can also eat onions, garlic, cabbage, cucumbers.But it should adhere to a sense of proportion.Remember that a nursing mother can be everything, but slowly.

And to increase lactation necessarily eat halva, honey, walnuts, extracts of cumin seeds, fennel, anise, milk tea (preferably green) can condensed milk with lemon balm or fennel.