Creating images

Memory-based association is the oldest of mnemonics, among other methods.Philosopher Giordano Bruno helped her become the technology of the 16th century.He wrote a treatise "On the compilation of images, characters and ideas", it was held association between the natural world, the world of magical characters and the world of arts.Unfortunately, while his work has not been appreciated and Inquisitors executed at the stake of Giordano.

main secret of this method is as follows.A man in his imagination combines visual images into one, and the brain detects the connection.In the future you can simply recall at least one of them, and the memory will be able to play anything else.

Uttering words contrary

To train your memory, do not necessaril

y follow the classical methods, there are modern techniques.For memory training in domestic conditions, scientists are advised to read the words just the opposite.This should be done not with some inscriptions, and from the imagination.You can start with the most simple.Write a few words on the paper, and then do not look at them, they read contrary from memory.Exercise may seem primitive, but it is a great trainer for visual memory.Words without preliminary training to keep in mind is not so easy.Can you break the word into fragments.Reported in the imagination of a syllable is much easier to repeat and turn than the whole word.Exercise is able to well develop attention and memory.

Develop left hand

What could be the connection between the memory and the left hand?Already in 2001, scientists found that the memory in left-handers better than right-handers.Those who do not like to clutter up your head and flip images of the words can begin to develop your left hand.You can simplify the process of making this activity a part of your life.Make a lot of things left hand, for example, wash her dishes, try to write and draw, cleaning and so on. N.

Trust smartphone

stickers and reminders in smartphones only hurt the memory, nothing will improve.However, there are special applications that are really able to train her.One such program - Ankidroid.It uses the constant repetitions for the development of memory.The program shows a card that's face, which recorded some of the information is the key to what is found on the other side.You have to consistently view the card, and then, based on the key data, remember what is on the back side.You can create your own cards, not just the use of templates.

Drink a glass of wine

turns out that wine has beneficial properties.Research has shown that very small amounts of wine is able to relax the mind and help improve memory.Quick effect will not have to regularly drink a glass of wine a day.There are at this facility, and contraindications.The wine is best not to drink for people prone to alcoholism, lactating and pregnant women.As in all things, to improve memory is better not to go to far.If, instead of a glass bottle will be used, the effect will be devastating.

recall information

This method is new and offers to recall past events.Remember before going to bed, what happened in the past 12 hours.Try not to miss a single detail.What were you thinking when awake, what are the things seen on the way to work, he met, what do you remember most.Walk on the bygone day, step by step.

repeat this exercise every day, and the result will be only a few weeks - you will feel it.This method not only develop memory, but also improve the imagination.It will be something to do before going to bed.

Try to sleep more

Turn off all electrical appliances and go to bed on time.No mnemonics and exercise will not help if your body does not have enough sleep.Indeed, during this important process restores connections between brain neurons.Scientists say that most people experience memory problems because of the usual lack of sleep.