What vitamins are needed to man

vital to recognize 11 vitamins.This vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin C and B vitamins:
- Thiamin (vitamin B1);
- riboflavin (vitamin B2);
- niacin (vitamin B6);
- folic acid (vitamin B12).

Two vitamins - biotin and pantothenic acid - ranked as a necessary but not vital.Lately, scientists are inclined to believe that the same group should include choline.
Vitamins are divided into fat- and water-soluble.Excess fat-soluble vitamin is accumulated in the body and is stored in body fat, soluble derived from body fluids.

All the vitamins have their own function, which can be both specific and general.Some vitami
ns are partners, so that vitamin E retains from destruction vitamin A, vitamin B1 runs in the digestive system along with niacin, and pantothenic acid.

What vitamins a person needs

minimum required and maximum permissible dose of each individual vitamin.It depends on the person's sex, age, lifestyle.In order to help people deal with the necessary amount of vitamins, doctors introduced a few concepts - the recommended daily intake or the daily requirement (RDA), Adequate Intake (AI) and the maximum tolerated dose (UL).

Recommended daily adequate intake level and talk about how many vitamins you need to take a day to no shortage.The maximum permissible dose is how much vitamins you can safely take without risking overdose with serious side effects.All of these standards for the people of a certain gender, age and with a certain mental and physical activity can be found in special tables.

Speaking of strong averaged norms, the adult needs about 900 micrograms of vitamin A, vitamin B1, 1.2 mg, 1.3 mg of vitamin B2, vitamin B6, 1.7 mg, 2.4 mg vitamin B12, 90mg vitaminC, 5 micrograms of vitamin D, 15 mg of vitamin E and 120 mg of vitamin K per day.Also, the average recommended daily dose is 30 micrograms of biotin, pantothenic acid daily dose - 5 mg, and choline - 550 mg.
Packages fortified foods and biological additives indicate a generalized daily rate, how much should consume vitamins middle-aged man with a food diet in 2000 calories.

it possible to exceed the maximum rate of consumption of vitamins

Usually the person can not exceed the permissible norm of vitamins, getting their only food.Exceed dose only taking vitamin supplements or eating fortified foods.Most often, even large doses of vitamins can not lead to serious consequences, but the fat-soluble vitamins accumulate, can cause harm.Particular care must be under the age of 20 years, pregnant and lactating women.