Can I drink alcohol in the diet?

Almost everyone on a diet can think about whether you can drink alcohol.And if so, which ones.It is important to note that alcohol during weight loss can drink, but here it is necessary to check the calorie content of the product.Also, there are diets that include low-calorie alcoholic drinks.

Not everyone thought that ethanol - calorie product.In 100 ml of alcohol comes from 200 to 300 Kcal.And this product brings no benefit, even with a high energy value. These calories are immediately deposited in fat and harmful to the effect of your chosen diet.

also adversely affects the body itself intoxication, because people do not control their actions, and as a result he may at the time meals to eat more of their rules.But most of all the internal organs of the body a
re affected, because during the diet the body receives not enough calories, and alcohol only destroys the cells of the liver, duodenum, destroys the stomach wall.As a result, you may receive the heartburn and heaviness in the stomach.

impact of alcohol on the body during the diet

Despite all the restrictions, still some alkogolesoderzhaschie drinks you can drink, and in some diets even necessary.You can safely use a dry wine, it is not very nutritious, and even a part of a large number of diets.Strong spirits drinking is prohibited, as mentioned above, they bring only harm and huge portions.It is worth mentioning that the beer - a very high-calorie product, which is to forget about during the diet in general, because often it is used in considerable quantities, and this is an additional burden on the stomach. per 100 ml of beer for about 40-50 calories, and if you already drink a liter of beer, a figure that reflects the number of calories increases.

Most often, it happens that a beer just do not want to drink, and usually at the same time used dry salty snacks, and this - even more calories and harmful to the body.There is one factor that should not be missed - the tablet.If a person loses weight with pills, alcohol is strictly contraindicated.For pills affect the central nervous system, as well as alcohol, and the reaction of the body is not pleasant.

As a result, drinking alcohol while dieting, should know when to stop, keep calorie counts and take into account the health of the body, because otherwise you'll just gain weight, not lose it.And thought it might be worth alcoholic beverages to replace a portion of salad?