Give up bad habits.Before you start to raise the immune system, to get rid of the fact that it inhibits.So you want to quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption.It is advisable to drink only red wine in moderation.
not abuse drugs.People are used to the fact that illness is not the time, so when the first symptoms try to drink the medicine.But this does not increase the immunity.The next time you feel signs of a cold, drink drugs and allow the body to overcome the virus on their own.
Follow food.Their quality should be the maximum possible.If you are unable to grow their own vegetables and fruits, then buy them in the market, but not in supermarkets.Avoid fast food, fast food and other junk food.As for drinking water, the use of filters with a high degree of
Eat on schedule.Good train yourself to eat food several times a day, but gradually.Compose a varied menu, including fish, milk products, rye bread and vegetarian food.
enough sleep.An adult should sleep at least 8 hours, and some of the body must be up to 10 hours of full sleep.The best time to rebound - 22:00.Since that time and until midnight the body is restored several times faster than in other time during the night.
temper the body.This means that you need to gradually accustom him to the cold.Good start to do it in the summer to the cold time of the year the body does not get a big load.
Avoid stress.Of course, just to protect themselves from the unreal, but you can learn to positively react to different situations.It is also important to notice that helps you find peace of mind, and to use these methods after a hard day's work.
Drink vitamins.Winter is not possible to feed the body with sufficient natural vitamins, so it is advisable to resort to artificial.Their reception will be a good prevention of diseases that occur in the winter.