to determine the cause of blood clots during menstruation need to see a specialist and find out the cause of this phenomenon.But do not panic just because the monthly with the presence of mucus and clots are not always a sign of a serious illness or pathology.

The cause of blood clots in the month may be a congenital anomaly of the structure of the uterus (the wrong form or partitions inside the cavity).Partitions provoke blood stasis in the uterus, which leads to the formation of clots.If there are hormonal changes monthly will be abundant.

Sometimes anomalies caused by lifestyle woman (her bad habits and smoking), as well as her work.Blood clots may occur as a result of such anomalies as the cervix and split her body in the vagina or the general-horned uterus.

appearance of blood clots during menstruation can trig
ger and intrauterine devices, as well as the presence of any disease, such as endometriosis, uterine.The first signs of the disease are weighed down by painful menstruation and uterine bleeding occurring at irregular intervals.

Blood clots can also occur at the end of menstruation.In this case, this is no reason to worry.This is due to a phenomenon that the blood begins to clot, resulting in formation of small clots of it.

not always the appearance of blood clots are signals occurring disorders in the body.But there are situations when recommended by a qualified specialist consultation:
- monthly abundant, or vice versa, is very scarce with the presence of clots, and is observed in women for the first time;
- when menstruation is the presence of clots for more than seven consecutive days, and at the same time there is considerable pain in the abdomen;
- menstrual blood clots are found, while the woman feels very tired and fatigue;
- if blood clots are large and unpleasant smell nonspecific month, this phenomenon may be a sign of a serious disease of the reproductive system;
- blood clots have a grayish or yellowish in color - it can signal a miscarriage in early pregnancy;
- if a woman feels increased irritability at very excessive bleeding with the presence of blood clots, you should immediately consult a specialist.