«creolin" is used in sheep for the treatment and prevention of common scab, and for the treatment and prevention of horioptoza, common scab, sifunkulyatoza, sarcoptic mange, ticks lesions in cattle.In pigs, it is used in gematopinoze and sarcoptic mange.The tool is used to process the birds from down-peroedov, to disinfect poultry houses.Also, "creolin" is used for the treatment and prevention of notoedroza, sarcoptic mange and otodektoza foxes, foxes, raccoon dogs and other furry animals, common scab and notoedroza in rabbits against Diptera mosquitoes and flies grazing.
Before mass treatment should be tested each series' creolin "10-15 animals.If within 2 days after the treatment the animals are not showing signs of toxicity, begin processing the entire population.Working emulsion
formulation should be prepared immediately before use under the supervision of a veterinarian.The required amount of "kreolina" mixed with 2-3 volumes of water having a temperature 28-32oS and then poured into a special proplyvnuyu bath, adding water to the desired volume.
When common scab of sheep bathed in proplyvnoy bath using 0.005% aqueous emulsion.The treatment should be done in dry weather, when temperatures range from 18 ° C to.The water temperature should be 18-25oS.Duration bathing - 50-60 seconds.With the purpose of treatment of animals treated 2 times with an interval of 10-14 days, in order to prevent - 1 times.Prior to treatment, the sheep should be kept on a starvation diet for 10 hours.2 hours before the procedure, animals are given water.
After the procedure, the sheep are left in a special area for 10-15 minutes, then distilled into the pen.After processing the thousands of sheep from the water bath must be drained in settling pits, tanks from dirt and re-fill the prepared emulsion.Lambs that are under the age of 1 month, you need to bathe separately from adult animals.
Cattle at horioptoze, common scab, lesions ticks need to be processed 0.005% aqueous emulsion "creolin."The animals are sprayed, moisturizing body.The most well should be treated lesion sites and places in the ears, abdomen, legs and tail.Repeated treatment of cattle ticks in lesions in the seasons of their parasitism and enthomosis carry on the testimony at sarkoptoidozah spraying is carried out twice at an interval of 7-10 days.
To combat mosquitoes processing cattle spraying is carried out using 0.008% aqueous emulsion at a rate of: animals up to 1 year - 230-270 ml at the age of 1 year - 480-520 ml1 animal.With the increased number of mosquitoes and biting midges treatment is carried out after the evening milking, when a large number of midges, flies - after the morning milking.

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