How to develop diction: the creation of conditions for employment

There are a lot of exercises designed to improve diction.However, in itself their implementation can not produce results if conditions are not met, such as the appropriate conditions and regular employment.

Provide adequate environment is not difficult.It is necessary to choose a large room and the time in which no one will disturb you.In the room there should be a lot of things, because they interfere with focus and affect the acoustics.Preferably the presence of a mirror so that you can track the movement of facial muscles.

To start the exercises should be in a good mood when you can concentrate fully on the activities performed.Each exercise should be repeated for 10-

15 minutes.We need to move to the next only when the previous well-mastered.

How to develop diction: basic exercises

convenient way to train a pronunciation of the tongue twisters.Only it should be done correctly: words are pronounced slowly, clearly give away as much as possible.Gradually increase the tempo.The result should be a tongue twister to say clearly and quickly 3-4 times in a row.With this method greatly improves speech clarity.

However, no exercises are performed correctly, if breathing is wrong.Therefore, to develop diction before you master it impossible to breath.And the first exercise, which should be given attention should be focused on the right workout breaths.Then train the muscle palate, tongue and lips.Part-time is set aside for the identification and consolidation of voice, as well as for the release of muscle clamps.

list of possible exercises with detailed instructions easy to find.They are there on the Internet and in popular literature.But it's best to consult a specialist, who will be able to assess exactly your weaknesses and you form a suitable exercise program.