unpleasant foot odor arises for three reasons:

  • rise in temperature;
  • shoes made of artificial materials;
  • fungal diseases.

All this causes sweating, from which creates the ideal environment for the propagation of multiple bacteria.Hence, there is a sharp and unpleasant smell.Raising the temperature just associated with wearing shoes made of substandard materials.In addition, close shoes creates a feeling of discomfort, an increase in temperature, but in the end result, irritation of the skin and the appearance of the feet odor.Fungal diseases are characterized by severe itching, and in this case the necessary treatment prescribed by a doctor.Regular hygiene legs and wearing shoes made of natural materials (leather, suede) - the first step to combat the sweating.

When the sweat with a pungent odor should abandon the artificial shoe insoles and synthetic socks.Freshen shoes help ordinary underarm antiperspirant or deodorant you can buy a special shoe or feet.

Hygiene feet is recommended once a day antibacterial soap or special cosmetics for foot baths, a part of which contain elements of refreshing.

Among folk remedies to combat sweating of the feet is considered an effective black tea.Two teaspoons black tea to pour liter of water, then bring to a boil.After two liters of water to dilute the resulting tea infusion and cool to room temperature.The procedure is performed for twenty minutes a day.

as analog baths based on well-proven tea kombucha because of their acidity, which are sensitive to a variety of bacteria.The Kombucha should be wet cotton cloth or gauze, and then wipe it clean feet.Action should do every day before going to bed.

good option, eliminates the problem of foot odor, recognized as acetic tub.It should be in a bowl pour a glass of 3% vinegar and dilute three liters of warm water, add three drops of pine oil.Hold the tray should be about fifteen minutes.

Sol - effective panacea to combat sweating of the feet.It is necessary to mix a tablespoon of fine salt and potato starch.This powder processed skin of the legs and wear clean socks made of natural material.Thus, the problem is prevented sweating, feet stay dry, there is no smell.

If folk remedies do not help get rid of unpleasant odors and feet felt constant discomfort and itching, as soon as possible to consult a dermatologist or a mycologist.