necessary vitamins in sufficient quantities contribute to the process of strengthening the hair, protecting them from loss and improve their appearance.Once marked thinning hair, you should take action.Since the body gives a sign that it lacks nutrients.

What vitamins are needed

primary cause of hair loss is often a deficiency of B vitamins in particular vitamin B5 and B3 provide normal growth and development of follicles.If there are not enough hair thins.

Lack of vitamins C and E entails a weakening of immunity, which is also a negative impact on the hair.To avoid these consequences should try to eat more greens and citrus.It is appropriate to be frozen foods vegetables and berries.

With intensive hair loss there is a severe shortage of vitamin A. It does lack scalp brittle and dull.Salvation will be eating for lunch o
f chicken and beef liver.Also, every day should be consumed milk and milk products, in any kind of cabbage, eggs and tomatoes.Ideal to include in the diet of fresh apricots, dried fruits, in their absence, too, will be useful.

Where else can you get the necessary vitamins

compensate, their lack of best through the use of natural products.A good alternative would be pharmacy vitamin complex.His reception reported to be in accordance with certain rules.

Before using medications should consult a physician.Perhaps the hair loss is caused by a vitamin deficiency is not, and other causes.Then we have to be examined and the appropriate course of treatment.When buying a vitamin complex to study its composition for the presence of help from alopecia elements.The course is taking vitamins should cover at least 2 months.

help and a special hair care products specially designed for the direct struggle with their loss.Useful are homemade masks and conditioners based broths.Select the appropriate means to be alone.

Use of synthetic drugs with vitamins for hair loss is obvious.But no medicine will not allow such a powerful effect, as the use of fresh ingredients.For this reason, their administration may be only temporary, in contrast to a full and varied nutrition.In combination with the use of herbal infusions for hair care, it allows you to achieve amazing results.