Tip 1: How to wash your hands

phrase "Wash your hands before eating," will never lose its relevance.Despite the fact that we need to hear about the childhood to wash hands thoroughly before you sit down, and after we returned home from the street, many people have not learned how to properly maintain the purity of arms.

Hand hygiene is the key to health, so the implementation of basic hygiene rules and regulations is able to protect people from intestinal infections, many of which lead to a sad end.Wash hands before eating - a mandatory procedure, but unfortunately, even in places where there are all the conditions for hand washing, not all people do this simple rule.Also, wash your hands, too, need to correct - only the number of disease-causing bacteria on the hands will be minimal.

  1. To properly wash your hands, you need to start with your fingers to remove all jewelry that could hinder cleaning.Even a small ring can be a barrier to good lather hands and rinse completely with lather them.

  2. often seen as a person before you
    wash your hands dirty hand opens the tap water, and after hands are washed again taken a hand net for the same handle faucet.Thus all bacteria, has got on the tap handle to the hand washing because otherwise sludge, again fall into the hands.To avoid this, it is necessary before hand soap, rinse thoroughly handle faucet (preferably with soap and water).After that you can safely hand soap (with the outer and inner side), and then - to wash hands with soap.

  3. Remember, wetted, but not washed with soap and hands are a great breeding ground for pathogens.Therefore, if you have wet hands - try to immediately wash them thoroughly with soap and water.

  4. terms of hygiene can be regarded as an ideal soap liquid soap - bottle with dispenser prevents the growth of harmful bacteria, while the pieces of soap in a favorable environment for the life of bacteria.

  5. use soap pieces requires shoot cameras, which would allow the bar of soap to dry well between treatments handwashing.Pay attention to foam soap - the higher it is, the more effective is the soap in terms of impact on microorganisms.

  6. towels that you wipe your hands should be clean and dry.

Tip 2: How to wash your hands with soap

Hands should be washed before eating not only.It is advisable to do it several times a day.Visiting public places and in contact with objects of common use, are deposited on the hands of millions of germs and viruses.When released into the human body causing a variety of serious diseases.Do not neglect hand hygiene, especially since it is necessary very little time.
How to wash your hands with soap
Remove the hand rings and other jewelry.
Open the valve and moisten the skin.
Lather hands with inner and outer sides of soap.Treat tap handle soapy hands.
If the jewelry that had been put on his hands, can be washed, then treat them with soap and rinse.Put dry on a napkin.
Rinse hands with soap and tap.
Lather hands for a second time and a good massage.
Rinse hands with soap.Rinse should be carefully, because soap residue on the hands contribute to dry skin.
Dry your hands.It can be used as an ordinary towel, and special hand dryer.
Use moisturizer.
Once the cream is absorbed, wear jewelry.