prepare the stomach to receive food and subsequent appetite will help to strengthen all kinds of soups, which are consumed at lunch.It's healthy food, having a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract.
the common opinion that the appointment of acidic foods - decreased appetite, is not quite true.Rather, these products tend to raise it, as have the ability to produce hard gastric juice, which is irritating to the stomach wall, thereby waking up the appetite.
Adding spice to the main dish, you can definitely expect to gain appetite .Eat one serving the usual meals can each person, but it is unlikely he will ask for supplements, as no special spices taste does not feel.Another thing - a dish seasoned with garlic and Provencal he
rbs.Surely, tasted it, it will be difficult to refuse second helpings - the appetite is sure to come with food.
There are a number of herbs that help to strengthen the appetite.These include dandelion root.Take it should be in the form of infusion.Take a teaspoon of dried root is ground and brewed it in a cup of boiling water, then drink a half hour before eating a quarter cup of infusion 4 times a day.Contraindications to the use can be considered as a peptic ulcer and gastritis.
bitter herb wormwood is another means to increase appetite .With it you can improve digestion, if the function of the gastrointestinal tract slightly reduced.
The pharmacy you can buy a special tool to excite the appetite , which is called "Gathering appetizing."It consists of herb wormwood and yarrow herb.Take the infusion, with water one tablespoon of the mixture to a food (up to 4 times a day).
Food - not the only tool that can increase appetite.A healthy person will never complain about his absence.Active recreation, swimming, playing sports, walking in the fresh air - all this has a positive effect on the increase of appetite .