Fast weight loss.Causes and stop

With little weight loss is most often the main reasons are as follows.

back problems.Scoliosis, in spite of the fact that in no way relates to the digestion and metabolism, may have an impact on both the process.If the field curvature of the affected place, where the digestive system, or the thyroid gland, the internal organs is considerable pressure, which causes deformation. In this case, you need to give serious attention to correcting posture and eventually metabolism and digestion are stabilized, and the body weight returns to normal.

The second common problem of excessive thinness - is a disease of the stomach and intestines, as if any food is digested much worse, and the body does not always get the necessary calories and proteins.The number of eaten no effect on the termination o
f weight loss that without treatment the stomach will only increase.

Another reason for the sharp decline in body weight could be in excess of cortisone, which is produced by the adrenal glands and is responsible for the synthesis of carbohydrates from proteins.Therefore, if the substance is present in the body in excess, high-calorie diet will not help a cortisone will transfer all of the protein to carbohydrates, and weight continue to decline.

stop reducing weight loss and weight recovery

counteract weight loss is possible by changing your diet and making him only healthy food to help gain muscle mass and essential fats.Always on the menu should be grains and legumes, as many fruits and vegetables, including potatoes, as well as a rich protein diet easy meat, which includes chicken, fish, rabbit and veal. also be included in the diet of rice, pasta, bread and butter, or peanut butter.

Another important condition for the normalization of weight and metabolism - a regular diet.To stop weight loss and its subsequent recruitment, the person must not only three times a day to eat close, but in the intervals between meals as a snack should be, such as bananas, which are among the most high-calorie vegetables.You also need to give up drinks like tea, coffee and mineral water, replacing them with milk and natural fruit or vegetable juice.

If normalization of supply does not work, and weight loss begins to take shape critical, necessarily need to see a doctor, as this may be a symptom of serious illness, life-threatening.