beneficial properties of honey honey

(only if it is natural) has incredible healing qualities.With all kinds of inflammatory processes in the body honey possessing antibacterial properties, it is able to help.The product comprises a plurality of minerals, including calcium, iodine, iron (sometimes even radium), and trace elements.70% honey is composed of glucose and fructose.

This medicinal product is calming effect on the body, at the same time restoring it and giving new powers.If honey is so good for the body, what then is diluted so valuable treasure in the milk?

Scientific opinion

milk along with other elements in its composition has a tryptophan amino acid called.This acid is important for a man, but the body is unable to produce its own (perhaps for this reason that people are mammals).

But man is important not so much the amino acid, as its effect, in which begins to actively produce serotonin.Serotonin - a sort of calm hormone.His appearance in the body in sufficient quantity helps to improve the well-being and deep sleep disease.From this we can conclude the obvious: deep depression should be treated with milk instead of other beverages.

This useful properties of milk does not end there.It was found that the liquid is best to cope with the function of the vehicle through the intestines.Substances contained in milk and dissolved therein honey available for absorption in the stomach wall and enter the bloodstream.And already in the blood, the beneficial bacteria begin to actively combat inflammation.Including a sore throat, which are the cause of cough.

Customised solution

scientists noticed how useful drink of hot milk and honey, the researchers decided to fill the gaps in this field, in order to maximize the effectiveness of the impact of nutrients on a sick body.Milk is not the most suitable product for long term storage and in addition, the store is presently rarely buy milk with low water content.

Given the listed disadvantages, scientists have come up with much better way - the creation of a milk honey.The method is as follows: first, the sugar is dissolved in milk to obtain a highly concentrated solution, and then allowed to bees recycle the resultant mixture.As a result, the water disappears and all the beneficial properties of the milk are passed honey.This product retains all the advantageous properties and, at the same time easy to store.It tastes like a sweet candy.