whether or not to have a glass of champagne?

ask such a question to the doctor, it is unlikely a pregnant woman will receive one hundred percent clear answer.Of course, sometimes the expectant mother wants to use a little bit of alcohol.Especially in the New Year's Eve there is a great desire to have a glass of champagne.Champagne refers to varieties of wine.But wine experts sometimes recommend expectant mothers.Wine increases hemoglobin in the blood of pregnant women.But, of course, grape wine differs significantly from the champagne.

If the pregnancy is normal, from a small amount of champagne nothing terrible will happen.But do not forget
about a moderate amount of alcohol.Drink only a glass or even half a glass of champagne.Then it will not cause any harm to the expectant mother or the baby.But if you drink champagne more than normal expectant mother may experience the consequences immediately after drinking, and after giving birth.

Champagne and pregnancy

sure to remember that in the first six months of pregnancy, expectant mothers are strictly prohibited the use of alcohol.In these months, the baby's organs are actively developing.Champagne can adversely affect the process.You also need to remember that any alcohol contains ethanol.For a pregnant woman and the baby this substance is especially dangerous.

1. Alcohol reduces the protection of immunity.Because of this, the body of a pregnant woman becomes malleable to colds.

2. Ethanol enters the cells of the body very quickly.

3. Alcohol passes through the placenta.

4. May cause teratogenic effects on the fetus (malformations may develop).

5. influence the development of the psyche and physiology of the baby.

Unlikely to read it all, the expectant mother will want to drink champagne.Many women drank alcohol, not knowing about her pregnancy.There is no need to panic.After development for every mom will be individual.

Children as chronic alcoholics often seen slowing mental development.That heavier children in school, to adapt to the environment and learn about the world.

Women who drank alcohol before pregnancy quite often, it is better to give up even small amounts of alcohol during pregnancy and lactation.It's not so simple.Nevertheless, every woman decides for herself what her expensive - health of the unborn baby or an extra sip of alcohol.

choose alternatives

Champagne during pregnancy - not a good idea, since the risk of harm to the kid is still there.If you still want to use a very alcoholic drinks, champagne is best replaced by a glass of dry red wine.If alcohol is not a question of principle, children can drink champagne.So the expectant mother will not have to worry about the impact of alcohol on the baby.