For years, depending on hundreds of unsuccessful attempts to escape.The inner conviction that you can do it, and - no result.The secret envy of those who crossed themselves, and looking forward to when the pluck to return to the ranks of "special" and weak ... All this took you, once you read these lines now.Let me help you.As one helped me.

As you know, I went down this road.And freed.How can I manage?Not easy.Very easy to start my way to freedom.Much of what is done, you do not want to remember.Although now I can not imagine that I'm 18 years slavishly daily smoked at least a pack of cigarettes strong, I remember and describe it for you.

Quit Smoking a breeze - finished

his, put out, threw it away.We often joked so, right?How not to smoke another cigarette, that is the question.And preparation for this state much longer than you think.And much more important.She will study.

reread the statements listed below, as long as you do not understand their meaning.I do not mind, but every cell in your body.Meditate on them, they look for confirmation.Continue to smoke.

  • If you think that you like to smoke, you're fooling yourself.
  • If you think you'll be able to quit smoking for health, you're fooling yourself.
  • If you think that to stop smoking, we need the willpower, you cheated.
  • If you think that the sheer force of will be able to quit smoking for good, you were deceived.
  • If you think that smoking - it is physical dependence, you cheated.
  • If you think that smoking - is a psychological addiction, you cheated.

Smoking - it's a habit.

not crazy and do not run away.Remember my first sip of coffee or a sip of beer, or the first puff.Do you remember how you felt uncomfortable?What was disgusting taste in your mouth?Just do not tell me you just like it, you're fooling yourself.Day after day, you do new throat tightening new and used.For you it has become commonplace.You're used to inhale the smoke of a burning cigarette.And stopped paying attention to the bitter taste and pungent smell.

And now attention!

From that moment on, every time before you go to smoke, be patient for about 15 minutes and look within yourself something.It's something growing into a bottomless pit, a black hole.The hungry monster that must be fed.It - it's not you.Watch him how he behaves?Perhaps you suddenly perehochetsya smoking even for an hour.Monsters do not like the light, and your attention beam illuminates it.

When you go to smoke, avoid companies.Alone, pay attention to every move: how do you get a cigarette as it kneads, sniffing, lights up as deeply and slowly tighten.Do you feel that smell?The taste?Experience every moment.Ask yourself whether or not you like it?Answer honestly.Kuri to the filter, feeling every puff.On the way back Listen to your body, what is it?

Kuri so until then, until you start to feel a steady turning away from the process and to wonder why I continue to do it, if it is so disgusting?

And then, and only if you set the date.For example, in a week.You choose the day that you will become free.Do not quit, and become free!Anyone who did not smoke, comes the thought: now I no longer smoke.So are you prepared to have to forget his experience as a nightmare.Sleep is not about you.

you think about the day X is about the most wonderful day.You expect it with joy and anticipation: finally Hurry!Continue smoking as before.

the day X Get a single cigarette and smoked it with all the disgust that has accumulated in you, slowly and very carefully.If there is nausea, retching - very good.Throw bull and feel liberated.

Immediately after the last cigarette smokes collect all the stocks and throw them in the trash.All ashtrays and wash pack and get rid of sight.Challenges in a sense of euphoria of freedom that you have bestowed upon himself.Think of him whenever hands reach for the missing cigarettes.Do not worry, this is a mechanical habit, it will soon pass.Not to engage in arms seeds or candy, it is better to take away their pockets or start nastukivat some merry tune.

and smiling.Be assured: all you get.