Axillary point

This point is slightly below the armpit.Clicking on it it will not be neutralized by the enemy, but it feels a lot of pain.Since this point is very inaccessible, it is not efficient.

axillary brachial artery runs and there are several nerve endings.Therefore, the impact touches nerves and sometimes damaged, causing the arm is paralyzed.In addition, if a knife to damage an artery, it can even lead to death (if the blood is not stopped in a timely manner).

back of the elbow

When you hit this point the feeling, as if through a hand held electrical discharge.This is a very painful point, because there is a part of the ulnar nerve.With strong elbow injury is felt a sharp pain in his hand and shoulder.The successful outcome of many battles will depend on the power of
the blow to the point.

Furthermore, even not strong blow on the elbow joint with the arm straightened it can damage and break an arm.


the palm nerves extend from the thumb, then cross the entire outside of the hand and extend to the edge of the little finger.Particularly sensitive nerve endings in three places: between the thumb and index finger, between the middle and ring finger and little finger along the bone around.

In the area of ​​the hand between the thumb and forefinger placed ligament, so the pressure on this place becomes, at least unpleasant.But if the enemy strong hands, then put pressure on this point does not make sense as it will not lead to the desired result.If
of points strike penetrating power, there is a feeling a sharp pain in his hand.These places are often hit with the aim of knocking out of the hands of various items.


Fingers are very vulnerable, they can be easily damaged or broken.Very often, the enemy hurt fingers, so that he had no opportunity to make a fist.It is enough to dislocate only one finger to protect themselves from the many techniques capture the enemy.

If the fight goes to the knives, the fingers are the primary target, because after their injury virtually defenseless enemy.

Hands are very successful target for the opponent, because access to them is usually open.Strike on the above points cause severe pain, and when applied on them heavy blows can lead to fractures, even the hands.

particularly useful to know to find weak points in the hands of women and children for self-defense.