Food instant cooking. This category includes soups, soluble, instant noodles, brewed with mashed potatoes, bouillon cubes for different and, of course, instant juice.As part of these products, there is nothing natural, they consist entirely of chemistry.Agree to health is not the most useful products.

boiled and smoked sausage, frankfurters, pâté, sausages. The composition of these products includes hidden fats and soy, often genetically modified.What is hidden under the hidden fats?As a rule, pork

skin, fat, fat interior.They occupy 40% of the weight and the ingredients listed as meat.The remaining 60% by weight of fill color and flavor enhancers, karatinin gel.Agree, is not quite useful products.

dairy products, the shelf life in excess of two weeks .These products are made with the use of preservatives.

Vegetables and fruits are not in season. Watermelon fertilized in the offseason so many chemicals, which is the first candidate for the poisoning.Pepper in the winter time is completely genetically-modified foods.Strawberries in the winter does not contain a single vitamin.

rolls and muffins in vacuum packs. These may say "products" do not spoil, do not harden, to them nothing is done, they will be fresh even after a month!Are not you catch?

Bars of chocolate. It's a lot of calories in a small volume.They contain chemical additives, genetically modified products, dyes, fragrances, and large amounts of sugar."Delicious" chemistry and a lot of sugar provide us with the desire to eat them all the time.

Flavored tea. As a rule, the aroma is achieved by lemon or orange, or some acid, which causes instant addiction.Think about it.

refined vegetable oil and deodorized. This oil should not be used in salads.These oils are not good for the digestive system, they also drown her work, block the digestive process.

sweet sparkling water. cocktail of sugar chemistry, and carbon dioxide to rapidly distribute harmful substances through the body.Although these drinks are harmful not only to its chemical component, but also a high sugar content.The concentration of sugar in them is about 5 teaspoons per cup of water.Therefore, to quench the thirst of this type of drink is impossible.

packaged juice. natural juices in these packages do not.This "reactive" and recovered "chemically" vitamin drinks.It is not necessary to water the children of this "natural" chemistry!

list of bad products can be extended.Do not forget that you do not bring good mayonnaise, ketchup, chips, fast foods, convenience foods, yogurt, ice cream and so on.

And in the end I would like to say a few words about most harmful additives.

monosodium glutamate E-326. It is added to a variety of products to the consumer addictive.We saw on the package as a part of this supplement, do not buy this product!

Sweeteners. They have a strong choleretic effect.A person with biliary tract disease sweetener may cause worsening of the disease.A soda without sugar greatly affects the prostate gland.

acesulfame (E 950) .In the US, it is recognized as a poison, and slow-acting substances accelerate the development of cancer.

aspartame (E 951). Also called: sukrazit, Svitlo, nutrisvit, slastilin.When heated to 30 degrees it decomposes to formaldehyde, methanol, phenylalanine.

cyclamate (E 952). It is banned in France, USA, UK.It is believed that it provokes renal failure.We still used today because of the low price.

Xylitol (E 967) .This sweet polyol.Small amounts of xylitol occur in some fruits and plants.Produce xylitol from cotton husks and corn cobs.This sweetener causes bladder cancer.

sorbitol (E 420) .If you use this sugar substitute in large doses can cause stomach upset.

As you can imagine, this is not a complete list of products and additives, from which it is desirable to give up.Decide, of course, you give up these products or not.But do not forget that your choice depends on your life!