determine the presence of sprains, you can of severe pain in the joints after any injury.Rarely, but still it happens that the pain does not occur immediately, but after a while there is swelling in the damaged areas, the lack of mobility of the joint, and then comes pain.
sprain is different severity.First, mild, characterized by their damage in a small area, not severe pain and slight swelling or even its absence.Second, the average degree is characterized by a partial rupture, moderate pain, joint swelling and bruising.Third, severe degree, characterized by a complete rupture of the ligaments and severe symptoms.This injury is very dangerous.
sprains of any severity affected needed first aid.With proper rendering its likelihood of harmful effects from the trauma (for example, the forma
tion of the weak and prone to joint damage) will be minimal.
victim plant or lay, and a damaged leg or arm ensure immobility.Then impose on the injured joint pressure bandage.It is better to use elastic bandage.If there is clear suspicion of rupture of ligaments, erecting makeshift bus, as that can serve as a board, a ruler or something like that.
the place of injury, place ice or soaked in cold water towel.The cold can reduce swelling and relieve pain.To prevent the increase of swelling, the injured leg or arm above the affected position of its normal position.
great tool sprains are ointments and gels, which include diclofenac, indomethacin and ibuprofen.Ointment or gel is rubbed into the skin at the site of injury, and then cover with a dry dressing warming.
The first and second degree sprain great help to physiotherapy, which are held in a medical facility.Additionally, after the swelling subsided and pain, the physician may prescribe special exercises and anti-inflammatory drugs or injections of corticosteroids.
When serious tension or complete rupture of ligament surgery is performed by their cross-linking.But in mild and moderate stretching all the symptoms usually pass within 1-2 weeks.