more rest.For a woman over 35 just need to allocate time for a quality vacation.A month-long vacation is recommended to split in half and rest twice a year.And not necessarily to do it abroad.If your region is a good recreation center or resort, you can choose this place for a holiday.Rest, without leaving the country - a great opportunity to learn more about their native lands.Long exhausting flights, overload, dragging heavy suitcases, as well as staying in a different time zone do not add health, strength and beauty.
relaxation techniques, self-massage, yoga.A woman should be able to cope with everyday fatigue, which after 35 years is increasingly making itself felt.On prolonged sedentary work ofte
n suffer from neck and back muscles.Learn to relax tense muscles using breathing exercises can even be in the workplace: sit back, take a deep breath nose, then exhale with head and hold your breath for a few seconds.At this time, focus on the feeling of calm and relaxation.Repeat several times.If you feel tightness of any muscle, the use of self-massage techniques.Attending classes on yoga in the evening will allow you to relax the muscles after work.
new knowledge and courses.Never too late to learn English, to learn to drive a car, crochet and knitting needles, playing guitar.The main thing - to constantly strive for something new to meet with dignity open outlook in life.You always wanted to learn a photo or design?It's time to do it: because your daily routine will not be gray and monotonous.A knowledge and skills will make you feel younger.Do not forget that looks young person who feels young.
care about their appearance.No need to hide the wrinkles under a thick layer of foundation.It is best to consult a beautician who will advise the effective day and night cream and eye cream.After 35 skin needs intensive care and special components.It is necessary to make regular peels, masks and special anti-aging facial massage.Hands are aging faster than a person, they give the woman's age.Therefore, in the beauty-program to preserve youth must be masks and wraps to hand.