Before going to bed, make sure to clean the nasopharynx.In order to clean the nose drops have to use a nasal vasoconstrictor effect or, as an alternative, a solution of sea salt.This solution can be used to gargle that will remove puffiness.
Prefer low and hard pillows, which will help to ensure that snoring will not be as loud.Better, of course, opt out of it.
In no case did not go to sleep on his back.Folk wisdom in this case, the Council sewn into his pajamas at the level of the shoulder blades a small ball (tennis can be), becausethis will make it difficult to sleep on his back, and the one who snores, have to sleep on his side.
should be regularly (three times a day) for 15 times,
perform the following exercise to reinforce the soft palate: mouth closed, breathe only through your nose, then you need to stretch the back of the tongue and tightened his tongue to the throat.
twice a day: in the morning, after waking up and in the evening before going to bed, do the following exercise for 20 times: utter twang "and-and-and."Also, fans sing, it may be advisable to sing Russian folk songs, in which the sound is very common.
Take a bath before bedtime with warm water, the temperature of which does not exceed 37 ° C, becausethis will help relax and sleep undisturbed.
Try to go on a diet and do sports, if there is extra weight.This will give a visible result.
stopped smoking sincesmokers who did not snore in his youth, in adulthood begin to suffer from the disease.
Stop drinking alcohol, especially before going to sleep, so it enhances snoring.
If you follow these simple guidelines, you will be in a few weeks, although the first, but a significant result sincesnoring will occur on the order of less medication and its treatment will not be needed.