First of all try to identify and then eliminate the cause of the bend of the uterus.This phenomenon may be due to inflammatory processes in the pelvis or congenital disorders.In the first case it is necessary to conduct the treatment and care of further regular prevention.In addition, the bending of the uterus may be accompanied by adhesion process, which is difficult to remove.
for resorption of adhesions should repeatedly visit medical physiotherapy, fermentoterapii, mud and pelvic massage.Over time, the phenomenon will gradually disappear.
Get regular physical therapy.All exercises should be designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and abdominals.
Be certain positions during intercourse.The optimum is Bozeman, as it is it contr
ibutes to the displacement of the cervix closer to the center.As a result, opportunities for penetration of sperm into the uterus increases.
more likely to conceive at the bend of the uterus after intercourse take the position of "birch" and are in it for several minutes.Can you about half an hour to lie down on his stomach.Since the accumulated semen in the vagina into the uterus easier to hit.