Dropsical places such tests: pressure-sensitive pit is formed, retains its shape for a long time.Since the swelling compresses the blood vessels, skin pale and cold.
Mechanical or stagnant swelling arise in stagnation of blood in the veins and are general and local.When heart disease can develop common swelling , they usually start from the remote parts of the heart.First, swollen feet, then lower leg and thigh.The prolonged supine swelling may appear on the sacrum and developed gradually in the abdominal and thoracic cavity.Domestic swelling not visible, but it is mo
re dangerous to life.
Kidney swelling developed for kidney, leading to urinary excretion of large amounts of protein and deficiency of blood.Meanwhile, namely proteins retain water in the blood and decrease in their number, the water begins to move into the tissue, causing edema .In addition, certain kidney diseases contribute to delay in the body of sodium chloride, capable of retaining fluid in the tissues.The same effect has the use of excessive amounts of salty foods.For renal edema is characterized by localized on the face, especially under the eyes, because the skin of the eyelids is a loose subcutaneous tissue, holds a large quantity of water.
Hungry edema occur in patients with severe and chronic malnutrition, especially protein.The cause of edema is poor blood proteins, unable to retain fluid in the bloodstream.
Nerve swelling may occur in lesions of vasomotor nerves contributing to a dramatic expansion of some blood vessels, which contributes to the tension of these exudation of fluid in the tissue.For nerve edema is characterized by a rapid rise and fall.
Toxic swelling can occur under the influence of toxic substances from the bites of poisonous insects, snakes, as well as food intolerance.
eliminate edema should be to treat the underlying cause.