most common cause of pain in the solar plexus is gastritis.In medicine, there are several stages of the disease.Superficial gastritis is an inflammation of the gastric mucosa.Atrophic gastritis, stomach cancer strikes themselves.
If you constantly ignore the feelings of discomfort or dragging pain in the solar plexus, which over time increased significantly, they can be the cause of stomach ulcers.This disease usually develops on the background of existing gastritis.
periodic pain in the solar plexus, which is accompanied by acute attacks of stabbing sensations, may be the first sign of pancreatitis.This disease affects the pancreas and duodenum.
In rare cases, pain in the upper abdomen may indicate the presence of gallstones.However, in this case there are also add
itional symptoms.Pain is usually moved inside the body.In medicine, they are called "wandering."
In people prone to depression and stress, pain in the solar plexus observed as a result of mental disorders.Complication in this case may be the occurrence of diseases such as neuritis and neuralgia.These diseases affect the nerve cells, and their development is accompanied by seizures, compressing the upper abdomen.
solarium - a disease that is accompanied by inflammation of virtually all the nerve cells located in the stomach area.Solarium distinguish from neuritis and neuralgia can be the duration of pain.In this case, different attacks occur regularly and quite a long duration.
Causes of pain may be trauma.And in some cases, people do not even pay attention to contextual factors.For example, sudden movements, intensive physical activity or just an uncomfortable posture during sleep and work - all of which can cause damage and deformation of the organs located in the solar plexus.