mandatory vaccination are considered:
BCG - vaccination against tuberculosis.
DTP - vaccination against whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus.
Td - vaccination against diphtheria and tetanus.
BP-M - vaccination against diphtheria.
OPV - vaccination against polio.
in children's clinics there MMR (this measles, rubella and mumps) and instead students vaccinations only on epidparotita (pigs), and measles.
addition to mandatory vaccinations, the child can be vaccinated against influenza, measles, encephalitis and hepatitis B and C. This is done only at the request of parents.
Besides vaccinations for children in the school year do Mantoux test.Many consider it the vaccination, but it is not.Mantu do only in order to test tuberculosis infection by microorganism
s.From three to seven years, it is conducted annually, watching the reaction varies from year to year.If the reaction is increasing every year and there is a transition from negative to positive, the child can appoint an additional examination.Vaccination against tuberculosis in this case do not, as a high probability of infection.You need to be examined for 2 months from the date of referral.
Between universal vaccination in the school must take into account the health status of each of the students.Vaccinations in any case can not be done at the time of illness or exacerbation of chronic diseases.After recovery, it is desirable to wait two weeks before inoculation.If a child has a chronic illness such as pyelonephritis, asthma, atopic dermatitis, tuberculosis, or any other, then the vaccine requires permission of a specialist, with whom the child is registered.Without proper vaccination certificate can not be done.
After vaccination may increase the body temperature, as well as any other reaction.They are small and this should alert health care providers before inoculation.But there are other reactions to the vaccine - an increase in temperature to 40 degrees and above, swelling at the site of inoculation, allergic rashes.In such cases, immediate treatment to the doctor.
Many parents are totally against all kinds of vaccinations, as well as the Mantoux test.It is voluntary and forced to vaccination, no one will.To a child is not vaccinated, parents need each month to write rejection of vaccinations.The form of denial about that: I (name of parent), refuse to carry out any vaccination my son (daughter), student (CE) ....class, in connection with the fact that (specify the cause of failure).On the responsibility warned (a).
If there are any doubts about the conduct of a particular child immunizations, parents should consult a physician.Here everything is very individual, and any mistake on the part of adults can cost a child's health.