During menstruation tampons allow a woman to wear thin underwear, sheer dresses, swimsuits and tight jeans.

Feature tampons

Tampons are manufactured in the form of solid cylinders of a special soft material with a thread at the end.They are intended for introduction into the vagina during the menstrual cycle.Thanks to its absorbing capacity, they do not provide release get out.

There tampons, perfumed smells different, but if a woman has an allergy, such agents are not recommended for use.Also in the range it has tampons with an applicator, which is very convenient when administered into the vagina.

All tampons differ in the degree of absorption, the intensity of which is indicated on the packaging in the form of droplets.The larger drops - the higher the ability of tampon to absorb.It is recommended for every
day use the menstrual cycle, with varying degrees of absorption.There are special pads for night use.

Choice tampons

In the case where a woman decided to use tampons for the first time, doctors recommend to choose the minimum size.Typically, the package is referred to as "mini."Standard size, "Normal", may also come up.The funds of this size will make it easier to enter the vagina.

When after some time the woman sees the flow of the tampon or lack of efficacy, should try to size "maxi".Some women, just try this size, and it stopped.

use tampons

in each package with the means is the detailed instruction, which is studying the need to pay attention to the information on the recovery of the tampon.

input means you only need to clean hands or with an applicator.

need to change tampons every four - five hours at a more frequent need for replacement should try to remedy with a greater degree of absorption (the number of droplets).

There are three most popular brands of tampons:

Tampax - the very first tampons, which appeared on the consumer market.Produce them from cotton, mixed viscose.Available with applicators that allows you to enter them without breaking the rules of hygiene.

Kotex - made of viscose fibers, which gives extraordinary flexibility means.These pads are fixed firmly, taking the form of the body.

o.b.- Have the ability to maintain the vaginal microflora.Tampons are equipped with spiral grooves on the surface, which protect from possible flowing and silky surface makes it easy to insert and remove them.