MS patients need to maintain mobility, so concentrate focus on walking, performing feasible homework, active exercise.It helps to overcome muscle weakness, fatigue and constant tiredness.When walking helps ward to maintain balance and to prevent falls offer him a cane, walker, handrails and other supports.
When expressed paresis and paralysis of various muscle groups to do massage, to maintain joint mobility and stimulate nerve endings and preventing the emergence of edema.Massage is useful also in violation of the sensitivity of numbness, feeling of contraction, it is impossible to determine the position of the hands and feet, without looking at them, without feeling under the feet of the solid surface.In addition, follow the pass
ive exercise for the legs, to ensure blood circulation and prevent stagnation in the joints and muscles.
Encourage the person with MS to self, to the extent that it is available, as long as possible to preserve skills and feel independent.Pick ward for lightweight cutlery, combs, scissors and other items he uses, that they could hold in their hands without effort.Concentrate on the patient that he can do himself, and detract from the actions that he is unable to perform, teach him not to hurry, not to overwork and as often as possible to relax.
Try as much as possible to control the frequency of urination and stool of the patient.Organize menu, so that it consisted of a lot of products that contain fiber, helps to cleanse the bowel.In addition, the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis need to drink plenty of fluids to ensure regular bowel movements and prevent the possibility of infection in the kidney.However, patients often suffer from urinary incontinence, so reducing water consumption and the need to explain to them that refusal to drink not solve the problem.
If you have the urge to urinate and defecate help ward to get to the toilet, if it is able to move on their own, or post ship.When you withhold urine timely me sick bed linen and clothes.If you encounter the problem of urinary retention, put a heating pad on your stomach with warm water and let as much drinking.
If possible, make the patient a warm bath.This necessarily control the temperature: it should not exceed 35-38oS because hot water can cause weakness and loss of consciousness, while the heat will help relax muscles, prevent cramps and spasms.
Provide the patient with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in constant contact with other people (relatives, friends, acquaintances), to help him and support in seeking work.More often talk with the ward, listen to his problems, experiences, thoughts, including a death convinces him that he is not a burden.Treat patient with mood swings, poor concentration, forgetfulness and absentmindedness.At the same time, do not promise a patient recovery today as multiple sclerosis is incurable.