What determines the rate of elimination of alcohol

How quickly will leave the alcohol out of the body can be determined by a person age, weight and metabolic rate.For example, 30-year-old healthy man more quickly freed from the alcohol residue, rather than 50 years.

is important condition of the liver, lungs and kidneys.The liver processes about 70 percent of drinking.A healthy liver is likely to cope with toxins than a sick or damaged.Do not forget that at the rate of excretion is strongly influenced by the quality and quantity of alcohol consumed.It is also important whether the person took the food with alcohol.If alcohol is fed on an empty stomach, it will be absorbed faster and stronger.

time removing alcohol

100 grams of vodka from the body of a healthy middle-aged men will be displayed for about 4-5 hours, 300 grams - about 24 hours.But the 300-500 grams of light beer wear off in just 2-3 hours.

100 grams of champagne will be displayed for about 1.5-2 hours.Fortified wine at 100 grams body will leave at least 4 hours, 100-200 grams of dry wine - about 2-3 hours.A total of 100 grams of drinking brandy, would have to wait to cleanse the body for at least 5 hours.

It all depends on the individual drinks.Accurately determine the presence or absence of alcohol in the blood by using Breathalyzer.

How to speed up the excretion of alcohol

Alcoholic toxins leave the body through the liver, stomach, blood, kidneys, lungs and skin pores.To quickly clear the body, you need to take a contrast shower.Well help walking outdoors, weathered by which the toxins through the lungs and the tissue of the epidermis.

Unfortunately, the fresh air and the soul will not be enough for a complete purification.Come to the aid sweet tea, coffee or a large amount of water.Drinking plenty of fluids helps to wash away the decomposition products from the body.You have to be prepared for the fact that water can be a cause of vomiting, which would indicate that the digestive system began to struggle with alcohol poisoning.

It bears in the fight against harmful substances will cucumber or tomato pickle.As part of the brine acid are able to break down the alcohol decay products.

It is best to drink in moderation and only high-quality alcoholic beverages, did not have to worry about how long alcohol linger in the body.