What about bones?

Like all berries, grapes contain seeds in small pits that are covered with juicy sweet flesh.It should be noted that there are grapes that do not contain seeds - the same raisins, but it is the exception rather than the rule.

The question most often asked - is it possible to eat grapes with seeds?Will this not lead to inflammation of appendicitis?The answer is an unequivocal medical - appendicitis from eating grape seed is not affected.The fact that the grape seeds in fact - the same food.They have successfully digested and absorbed by the human body.Moreover, they are also useful.

It is found in grape seeds the highest content of flavonoids, which certainly brings only benefit the human body.So gastroenterologists have t
he right to insist that the grapes used together with bones.

With grape seeds as they explore happening more and more amazing discoveries.The fact that relatively recent startling properties of grapeseed oil discovered beauticians.Not only them.Cooks have long appreciated the mild nutty aroma with a subtle taste of this oil.But based on essential and aromatic oils contained in grape seeds, you can make delicious liqueurs and tinctures.

The only thing to remember - because of the high content of vitamins and minerals grapes in high doses can be dangerous for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and small children.

Source longevity

Grapes since ancient times considered the strongest curative and restorative.Not for nothing because, according to legend, it was first planted vine on Mount Ararat, Noah immediately after the rescue in the flood.

ancient Greeks and Romans made extensive use of the amazing properties of this berry to treat various ailments, improve metabolism.The antioxidant properties of grapes have become just a legend, based on grapes produced a lot of different medications and vitamin-mineral complexes.

However, not only the health properties of grapes valued since ancient times people.Delicious taste, high fructose content and a wide range of vitamins and trace elements ensure a well-deserved reputation grape berry health.

As a means of retarding aging of the grapes is unmatched.This is due to a high content of organic acids in the berries and flavonoids - substances which are very powerful natural antioxidants.