Hangover - a tough penalty for excessive use of alcohol.Unfortunately, many familiar symptoms such as weakness, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, nausea, palpitations, and possible.All of this - the signals that the body harmed by excessive libations.
One may say that an effective way to avoid all this, do not abuse, and it is better not to drink alcohol.But what if after all control was lost and you drink, to put it mildly, in excess of?
For starters, consider ways to protect themselves from drunkenness, if you need to stay in shape, but to abandon the "decision on the chest" is not possible.
1 way.
all known and available tablet of activated carbon, which adsorb (absorb) alcohol and prevent its absorption.Take 4 tablets 10-15 minutes before the first dri
nk.Then - 2 tablets after each hour.
2 method.
Drink Almagel - antacid, enveloping and absorbent drug used to treat gastrointestinal tract.In this case, take 2-3 tablespoons for 15 minutes before drinking.You can then be repeated every half hour.Now it is sold in convenient dosage bags that you can take with you.
3 method.Buy at the pharmacy
POLYSORB - sorbent last generation.In general, it should be in your medicine cabinet at all times.This product is indispensable in solving many problems, a powerful aid to your body.More read in iternete or in pharmacies.In our case, we consider to be the best option for the prevention of occurrence of alcohol withdrawal syndrome.POLYSORB not allow the breakdown products of alcohol to be absorbed into the blood.The drug is taken on the eve of a holiday dinner or lunch, in the evening after it and the next morning.2 tablespoons of the drug should be diluted in a half or a third of a cup of water.Drink is not very nice, but this is minor compared to its efficiency.
4 method.
worth eat for half an hour to drink a bowl of buckwheat, oatmeal or cream of wheat.Drunkenness is negligible.
Even some tricks.
morning to feel better while taking alcohol use vitamins, especially vitamin C. They help to reduce the alcohol content in the body.Beneficial effect drunk a glass of milk before drinking alcohol, the hangover symptoms will be reduced to a minimum.Good snack potatoes and meat, these products are stealing degrees, reduce intoxication.
effective in fighting the monster called "hangover" following combination of drugs: 6-8 tablets of activated charcoal tablets +2 shpy +1 aspirin.We need to drink it all after a party at night.
So yet happened, came "evil" the morning, you feel all the charm, that last night was not in vain.How to help the body to come to his senses, regain good health and mood?
Most likely, even without taking the head from the pillow you will feel that occurred "great drought".Drink some water will be cherished by your desire.This is caused by the dehydrating effect of alcohol and your body sorely lacking fluids.So you need to drink a lot.Will tonic beverages - coffee, cola, strong tea with lemon.It is also good for the body is a solution of honey, orange, tomato juice, cranberry juice.When you help a hangover cup of mint tea with honey instead of sugar.You can drink a little alcohol-free beer.Of course, do not forget about yogurt, ayran and miniralnoy water (better srednegazirovannuyu).
good to try to eat a bowl of hot soup or broth.It has beneficial effect on the stomach and general health.The relief comes almost immediately.To help cope with a hangover: cabbage pickle, sour pickles, buttermilk, yogurt drink, cheese.
can try the following: Beat 1 egg, mix with 1 tablespoon slaborazvedennogo vinegar, add salt and pepper.Drink in one gulp.Or, mix the egg with spicy ketchup.Or 2 tablespoons of castor oil, pour in 1 cup of hot milk.Cool slightly and slowly drink.From
of drugs from the hangover common drugs Antipohmelin, Alka-Seltzer, Zoreks.Drinking in accordance with the instructions.But many effective helps simple tablet (preferably soluble) aspirin.Well relieves headaches, tsitramon - need to take 2 tablets.But if you have high blood pressure and heart rate, add to tsitramon tablet of propranolol.Lead in the glass of strong feelings, hot, very sweet tea baralgina + tablet + tablet furosemide (diuretics).
hangover and breath helps vitamin B6 in capsules.Two vials poured into a glass of water and drink in one gulp.
return vitality to help a hot shower, a walk in the fresh air.Well, finally, if you can, you need a good sleep.
Good luck and health, vigorous, productive days and be good!