What you need to accelerate labor

Despite the fact that at the time of pregnancy, doctors establish the provisional delivery date, the baby may be born a little earlier or later than this date.

normal pregnancy lasts 40 obstetric weeks.There are times when after this time the baby is not in a hurry to be born.Prolonged pregnancy may trigger the development of various kinds of complications.Typically, for a period of 42 weeks, doctors try to artificially induce labor if a woman up to that point begins to bear on their own.
fear of complications and desire to quickly meet future mother pushing a baby that she is trying to fight their own cause.

how to approach the beginning of the birth

contractions represent a regular contractions of uterine smooth muscle, leading to the disclosure of her neck.In order to accelerate the onset of lab
or, it is possible to increase physical activity.Physical activity not only provokes the beginning of labor, but also a beneficial effect on the female body.

great way to speed up the delivery is walking, going up and down stairs, swimming.At the same time running, jumping and weight lifting is strictly prohibited.If a pregnant woman has certain health problems, it should be treated to an increase in motor activity with caution.

good way to speed up the delivery is sexual intercourse.In the men's semen contains hormones that soften the cervix and prepare it for disclosure.Intimacy is contraindicated after a discharge of mucus plug.Contraindication to it can also serve as placenta previa and some pathology.

to speed up the delivery can be achieved by purgation.For these purposes, perfectly use laxatives and enemas.Laxative effect can be achieved by the use of boiled beet or olive oil.Zoom helps start contractions and regular consumption of tea with raspberries.

all actions aimed at accelerating the onset of labor, need to be discussed beforehand with the gynecologist.Your doctor will tell you what methods can be used, if it is really necessary.In some cases, perenashivanie pregnancy due to incorrect statement of its deadlines.In order to decide on the need to accelerate the onset of labor, to do a series of studies that will make an assessment of the current status of the fetus.