Which contains a lot of calcium?

main "supplier" of calcium - dairy products.They trace element found in very high doses.It is also important that the calcium from dairy products well-absorbed by the body by means of lactose.Thus, the daily consumption of yogurt, kefir, yogurt, cheeses help prevent deficiency of useful elements.

However, not everyone can afford to eat dairy products.Who does not love them for their taste, someone taped lactose intolerance.The last people every year becomes more and more.Do not allow to help calcium deficiency alternative foods.

excellent substitute for dairy products, for example, is green: parsley, basil, dill.Rich in calcium as cabbage, broccoli, lettuce, spinach.In using these products, you not only make up for a lack of tr
ace elements, but also recharge the body with vitamins.

Well absorb calcium, which is in the nuts.Particular attention should be paid to Brazilian and almonds.The assimilation of trace elements is due to the high fat foods.

True repositories of calcium are the poppy seeds and sesame seeds.They are recommended to be added to food, pastries, meats.Also a lot of trace elements in a conventional wheat.In general, the calcium rich wheat bran.They can be used both independently and as part of baking.

alternative to conventional dairy products may be soy.Especially popular with vegetarians tofu.This product is suitable to those who are watching their diet and figure: a lot of calcium in the product, but the calories - the minimum number.

calcium in the human body

Calcium helps to keep your teeth, nails and bones strong man.Also, a trace element necessary for proper operation of the nerve cells and organic muscle work.If blood calcium is not enough, he begins to "washed out" of the bones to provide the basic organs and cells.Result - brittle nails, dull hair, brittle bones.

Fortunately, the level of calcium can be restored with the help of dietary supplements or certain foods.Experts recommend daily diet include cottage cheese, herbs, nuts, bran, and so on. But there is a trick: the absorption of calcium is needed for "help."

as the main assistant performs vitamin D. Therefore, when hypocalcemia doctors recommend restored using special systems of minerals and vitamins.If things are not so bad, you should closely monitor the balance of power.Best for calcium absorption, which does not require add-ons, is in the nuts and dairy products.