cystostomy can be set for a long time, in this case the urine is made through the capitate rubber catheter (catheter Malecot or Petstsera).It should be changed once a month, as he plugged urinary salts, crack or toiling at the level of the head.If there cystostomy bladder should be washed at least 2 times a week.Care cystostomy as follows.
skin around the cystostomy rinse with boiled warm water solution "furatsillina" or a weak solution of potassium permanganate.Dry skin surface wipes, apply on the skin around the cystostomy ointment "Stomageziv" or paste Lassara.After soaking, remove the remaining ointment with a cloth.Watch functioning drainage.The advent of new blood clots and is not dangerous only in the first few days after surgery.It is important to determine the time
to cessation of the flow of urine, as this may be due to the loss, blockage or kink catheter.
to wash the bladder through a catheter, wear sterile gloves, a sterile syringe type in 200 ml of Janet 'furatsilina "at 1: 5,000, or 3% solution" Boric acid ".Then disconnect the capitate catheter from the drainage bag, insert the syringe into the opening of the catheter, gently insert 30-40 ml of solution.Next, disconnect the cannula of the syringe from the catheter, substitute tray or other container under the leaking liquid.Repeat the process until clean water.
When changing capitate catheter after removing treat the skin around the cystostomy disinfectant solution.Enter a new guide catheter (a long metal pin) and pull the catheter all the way to his head he stretched.Enter the tool with a guide into the bladder through tsistostomu.Remove the wire, with the unfolding of the catheter head lock.
To test capitate catheter enter via syringe Janet bladder solution "Boric acid" or "furatsilina."For urine collection day lower the outer end of the catheter drainage bag suspended under the clothes at the thigh or abdomen.Overnight place the outer end of the catheter into a container which is to be attached to the bed.To replace the urinal separate it from the catheter tube, drain the urine, connect clean urinal catheter.