more dangerous ticks

mites that live on the territory of the Russian Federation, the two are often carriers of dangerous diseases: tick-borne encephalitis and borreliosis.Ticks live in forest litter - a layer of last year's leaves and fresh herbs, warmed by the sun and moderately moist.In marshy forests and open meadows dry mites are not found.

attacking human mite extracts from their salivary glands substance similar to the anesthetic, therefore, as a rule, people do not feel the bite.Further, during a few hours attached ticks fed blood accumulating it in reserve in its abdomen, and then disappears.During this time, if the tick is infected with Borrelia encephalitis or can cause contamination of humans.

Tick-borne encephalitis - an acute viral disease that affects the
nervous system.Its symptoms are similar to flu: fever, headache, pain in the muscles.After a while, it added neurological symptoms caused by brain damage - convulsions, muscle damage, and occasionally coma, and as a consequence, death.Sometimes, after the disease for a lifetime is a partial or complete paralysis of the limbs.Lyme disease - a disease that affects mainly the joints and muscles.Untreated Lyme disease can lead to permanent disability.

What to do if bitten by a tick

most expedient action by the bite of a tick - a visit to a doctor.But if you get to the hospital is not possible, you should try as soon as possible to get rid of the tick yourself.If it is infected with tick-borne encephalitis virus, the likelihood of contracting directly proportional to the contact time with the blood of a person tick.

pull out the tick must be very carefully, trying not to crush, tweezers counterclockwise.In no case can pull and pull - there is a risk to leave the head of the tick in the skin, which will have to be removed surgically.

After removing the tick should be inspected.He must have five processes: four legs and proboscis.If processes less then something could remain under the skin.

Do not throw the tick after removal.It must be placed in a small sealed containers and take on the study (a study of mites points in the city to get to know in advance).

10 days after the bite you want to donate blood for antibody to encephalitis and borreliosis.After that, the hospital will be told when to come to resit the tests because antibodies need to track over time.

First aid for the bite of a tick is administered immunoglobulin for the prevention of encephalitis.Injections or not - everyone decides for himself.But remember, if the disease develops, the treatment is very long and serious.To prevent borreliosis can be treated with antibiotics.

How to protect yourself from tick bites

Going into the forest, you need to wear closed clothes with long sleeves and a hat.After every two hours is recommended, and self vzaimoosmotry.Pets after walking too must be carefully inspected.

from tick-borne encephalitis vaccine there, but the first administration must be made in the autumn, for the 6 months prior to possible exposure to ticks.More information can be found in the district hospital.From borreliosis vaccine yet.