When pregnancy is complicated by the kidneys when urinary organs of the excretory system can not cope with the increased load, then appear edema, increased blood pressure and urine analysis found traces of protein or washed.
load on the kidneys in pregnancy is increasing, so at first pass urine on a monthly basis, in the second trimester of every two weeks, and in the last months of pregnancy should be carried out weekly urine.
If before pregnancy had a minor renal failure who do not show obvious symptoms, the woman could not be aware of its existing salt deposits in the kidneys or other changes.In the early months of pregnancy, hormonal chan
ges the body, strengthens the kidneys and all the hidden pathology aggravated.
Strengthening of the kidneys can cause physiological nephropathy, especially if a woman has previously had kidney salt deposits or concretions.This disease is manifested by pain in the lower back, but pregnancy can confuse these symptoms with discomfort in the muscles and spine during weight gain.It shows urinalysis pathological changes in the kidneys.
When nephropathy appears in the urine increased amount of mucus and salts, individual red blood cells found evidence of acute inflammation in the pelvis or in the body of the kidney.Multiple erythrocytes indicate the process by which the integrity of the walls changes the ureter and bladder.Such changes may cause severe cystitis or promotion stones.
Pregnant pass urine for protein determination in it.If the kidneys during pregnancy can not cope with the load, there is hypertension, edema and protein in the urine.This triad of symptoms indicating the development of pre-eclampsia - a serious disease of pregnant women, which leads to seizures and pathological premature childbirth threatens the life of the mother and fetus.
When edema and hypertension in pregnant women prescribed weekly (and sometimes more often) to pass urine on any terms, and in the normal course of pregnancy only in the last trimester.This need stems from the fact that pre-eclampsia can develop rapidly, with no early symptoms.
According to the results of urine is judged on the level of glucose in the body.If sugar appears in the urine over 7 mmol / l, this fact indicates the possible development of diabetes in pregnant women.In this case, a pregnant appoint a blood glucose level studies.Often a blood test are not prescribed for normal pregnancy, as it is a stress factor, because many women worry and fear of the finger prick, and the sight of blood.
In the study of urine is measured by its share of, below-normal readings indicate a violation of the metabolic processes in the body that occur, for example, diabetes.Increased urine specific gravity indicate the development of jade.