ectomorphic body type: problems and solutions

People-ectomorphs get rid of excess weight quickly and easily: for this they do not even need to exert much effort.In contrast, the accumulation of fat for owners of this type of body becoming a serious problem: many of them can not get rid of excessive leanness and angularity.Worse, people with ectomorphic body type usually have poorly developed muscles.

ectomorphs advantage lies in the fact that their body is often mesomorphic features.Of course, to analyze the features of the structure and draw the appropriate conclusions can only be a professional.If he finds features mesomorphic physique, it can be considered half of success: in this case, ectomorph can quickly accumulate muscle mass.

People-ectomorph better to abandon the career of
bodybuilder.Turn into an athlete with a mountain of muscles and relief of the body beautiful - almost impossible task for them.If you want to become stronger, pay attention to moderate training and try at least a little to build muscle without causing harm to the health.Remember that one of the best solutions to the problem in this case will not only be regular training on the individual program, but also correctly chosen sports nutrition.Thanks to special drugs can greatly enhance the results achieved with the help of exercise.

Proper sports nutrition for the ectomorph

People with ectomorphic body type is very difficult to gain and fat, and muscle mass, so they should not go on a diet and severely restrict your diet.On the contrary, in the recruitment of muscle mass every day are advised to use 4-5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.Ideally, the proteins will be 30% of the diet, fats 20% and carbohydrates 50% of daily calories at least 2000-2500.In this case, training, providing a set of muscle mass, will become much more effective.

ectomorph is not recommended to get involved too intense exercise and completely burn calories during the workout, otherwise it will slow down the process of forming a beautiful relief of the body and increase strength.It is important to compare the modes of training and eating.There should be every 2.5-3 hours, without fear of eating large carbohydrate foods.

to accelerate the process of building muscle, people with ectomorphic body type should be twice a day, use a protein-carbohydrate drinks, protein and special sports supplements.